Access Control


ESSS can provide a wide range of door access systems to suit any needs. We can provide services to control 1 stand alone door, right the way through to multiple doors with access restrictions and user logs. We have the experience and capabilities to combine door access control with fire alarm systems so that in the event of a fire nobody is stranded in certain areas of the building.


ESSS use the very best in door access equipment in order to ensure optimum security, safety and minimise failure. We insist on all of our door access systems carrying a fail safe or fail secure battery back up system, so in the event of a power failure the doors still do their desired job. 

Benefits of an Access Control System

How would it feel to be able to control a door or doors without the need of a man guard, knowing exactly who went through a specific door at a certain time, allowing restricted access to certain people at certain times or days. ESSS have what it takes to make it happen.