Audio Challenge System


An audio challenge system can bring a whole new kind of technology to your home or business. By combining an audio challenge system with our CCTV equipment would enable you to see and speak onto your premises through a tanoy system. For example if you saw somebody breaking into your premises you would be able to verbally warn them that they have been detected and the police have been called, minimising the amount of damage or loss.  


ESSS can cater for domestic or commercial needs and have optimum experience in creating discreet installations. We can tailor design and install a discreet system that maintains top levels of sound quality and volume without compromise.  

Benefits of an Audio Challenge System

Although the main reason for this system is to address an intruder, the possibilities of its use are not limited as such. Employers can use the tanoy system to address staff members in an emergency, domestic customers could use it to address a parcel delivery. The key part is that it all works straight from your mobile phone wherever you may be.