Emergency Lighting


Emergency lighting is an essential aspect of safety within a business premises and should realistically be fitted in all areas where possible. This makes up a large part of a businesses risk assessment alongside fire alarm's. ESSS has previously catered for small premises right the way through to large scale factories with multiple office blocks and out buildings.  


ESSS provides a free assesment in order to establish what coverage requirements you have, also providing recommendations and a no obligation quotation. We use LED emergency lights that are task specific, to illuminate a door way, a corridor or a large open area such as a factory. We provide our customers with a testing facility for them to do their own weekly or monthly tests.

Benefits of Emergency Lighting

In the event of a power cut or a fire emergency lighting will start immediately, providing well lit safe passage to the nearest emergency exit. The mandatory time for the emergency lighting to withstand is 1 hour giving people enough time to exit and for emergency services to get in. Once mains power is restored the emergency lighting will automatically switch off and re-charge itself.