Gate Automation


At ESSS we can take a set of ordinary hinged gates or barriers in any shape or size, metal or wooden and automate them. Whether you require vehicular or pedestrian access we have products to suit your needs.  


ESSS only uses top quality equipment that we warrant will not let you down. We can provide a variety of ways to open your gates from a wireless remote control to card readers and fobs. We also have intercom systems that will ring your mobile phone, so even if your out you can still open the gates should you need to. We also provide the functionality for the gates to open themselves as your leaving your property. As per the British standards we install safety edges and anti-trap barriers to all our gate systems, eliminating the risk of any accidents. 


Nobody likes getting out of the car to open gates when its pouring down with rain or pitch black outside. Having to padlock or chain gates up at when not in use. Not anymore, an automated gate system from ESSS is the answer to your problems.